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Dirt bike Service - starting at $100

Included in service
Oil change 
spark plug change
check coolant life (if equipped)
Clutch inspection
Air filter cleaning
Inspect Seals and Gaskets
Inspect engine
Inspect tires and wheels
Inspect driveline
Inspect suspension
Inspect chassis
Inspect controls
Inspect brakes and replace brake fluid

Shop labor hours are $25 per hour

We do any maintenance from a simple carb clean all the way up to a full motor overhaul.

Parts sold to a customer come with a warranty from the manufacturer or reseller only, we do not warranty these items.

We will only guarantee good operating conditions when leaving the shop and warranty of installation. In the event of a faulty install, all labor and parts will be covered free of charge. (signs of user error or tampering with installed products can lead to voiding this warranty, the warranty only lasts 3 months after leaving the shop).

Warranty coverage will only be granted after an inspection and determination from one of our techs.

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